Once at Seminarweb.com, click on "Online Seminars" and then "Wyoming."  You can then choose from the list of available seminars.  Allow extra time for your first visit.
Register online.  Follow the directions to download syllabus materials and audio seminar.  This program will be saved for you.  Listen at  your convenience -- one sitting or many.  The seminar will remain available to you for future reference.   Earn up to 5 hours CLE credit.
If you need any assistance, please call Tech Support at 800-443-1757 and ask for Becky.

Available Seminars:

  • November, 2004: Malpractice Development in Current Technology
  • April, 2004: Voir Dire: Getting to Know Your Jury
  • October, 2003: Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • April, 2004: Claims, Damages & Money
  • October, 2002: Art of Discovery
  • March, 2002:WTLA Smorgasbord
  • October, 2001: State and Federal Trial Practice-New Rules, New Law
  • March, 2001: Wyoming Current Trends & Recent Development & Avoiding Malpractice
  • October, 2000: Winning Strategies
  • March, 2000: Hammering Unfair Insurance Practices
  • October, 1999: Necessities: Things you Try to Ignore
  • March, 1999: Depositions: The Foundation of Your Case
  • March, 1998: Auto Accident Litigation

$99 each for WTLA Members
$129 for non-members

These and other WTLA seminars are also available on videotape. 

For more information phone 307-635-0820