2013 (8)
Your Ethical Obligations When You Believe that Your Client is Lying to You (Dec. 19, 2013)

Date: 12/19/2013

Featuring: Stephen Kline

This course will explore an attorney's obligations to the court and counsel when the attorney has reason to believe that a client is being untruthful. It examines the interplay between Rule 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information) and Rule 3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal) of the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct.

About Your Speaker

Stephen H. Kline practices in Cheyenne Wyoming with Kline Law Office, P.C.  He has specialized in civil litigation since 1979, including employment, personal injury, insurance and commercial litigation. Mr. Kline has been a past national delegate from Wyoming to the American Association for Justice and the American Board of Trial Advocates. He was the 2008 president of the Wyoming Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates and is Past President of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association. His recognitions include being named in the “Best Lawyers in America” and the Rocky Mountain region’s “Super Lawyers”. He is a frequent speaker on issues surrounding litigation and on topics of interest to all lawyers.