Sizing Up Your Client - Ethics (Dec. 10, 2009)

Date: 12/10/2009

Featuring: Kelly Lundberg

About Your Speaker

Dr. Kelly Lundberg is a licensed psychologist who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah. She also works as a professional consultant to the Utah Addiction Center and provides ongoing consulting to the Salt Lake City Police Department, Lawyers Helping Lawyers and the Utah State Bar Character and Fitness Committee. She is the director of Assessment and Referral Services which serves as the front door into the Salt Lake County substance abuse treatment system, offering Interim Group Services and providing assessment and referrals. She taught in the Alcohol and Drug Certificate Training offered through the Graduate School of Social Work for fifteen years and currently provides teaching and supervision to medical students and residents. Dr. Lundberg was the recipient of the Governor’s Award for Contributions to Substance Abuse Treatment and Anti-Violence in 1997 and was the 2006 recipient of the Treatment Award from the State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.  She has a statewide reputation as one of the leading experts in addictions and is sought throughout Utah for her teaching and consultative services.