Settlement Trusts (Jan. 26, 2012)

Date: 01/26/2012

Featuring: Greg Maxwell & Joseph Tombs

When, how, and why to use settlement trusts, special needs trusts, and 468(B) qualified settlement trusts to more effectively settle personal injury cases.

About Your Speakers

Greg Maxwell is a 2003 graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Law. His law firm, Tombs Maxwell, LLP, specializes in special-needs planning, government benefit planning, and tax planning for settling plaintiffs. Greg is also a Certified Financial Planner, and co-founded Amicus Financial Advisors, LLP, a plaintiff-loyal structured settlement planning firm, in 2004. He is a current board member and past president of the Society of Settlement Planners, a national organization advocating for plaintiff ’s rights in the settlement planning process. Greg is a member of the Utah Association for Justice, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, the Financial Planning Association, and the American Bar Association.

Joseph Tombs has twenty years of experience in various aspects of law and financial planning. He started his career as a tax and estate planning attorney with the law firm of Shannon, Porter, Johnson & Pfluger in San Angelo, Texas. Joe has served as a financial planning and insurance professor at four universities: University of Georgia, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Georgia State University  and currently Texas Tech University. Joe has served as an Associate Vice President of First Colony Life Insurance Company and Director of Advanced Marketing at GE Financial Assurance.  He also helped found the Atlanta-based financial planning firm of Tombs, Moody & Clontz, LLP.  Joe has developed a specialty in financial planning for the recipient tort settlements and is a founding partner at Amicus Financial Advisors, LLP and Amicus Consulting Group, LLC.