5.18.18 Supreme Court Opinions

May 18, 2018

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2018 WY 49


Holly Lane Bruegman

Colton Paul Bruegman




The appellant, Holly Lane Bruegman (Mother), filed for divorce from the appellee, Colton Paul Bruegman (Father). After an evidentiary hearing on temporary custody, visitation, and child support, the district court ordered the parties to share legal

and physical custody of their minor child pending a final hearing and required Father to pay temporary child support. The district court also, on its own motion, bifurcated the proceedings by entering a decree of divorce dissolving the marriage and leaving all

remaining matters for a future order. After a full bench trial, the district court issued a final decision on custody, visitation, support, and property distribution granting the parties shared legal and physical custody of the minor child until he enters kindergarten,

and granting primary physical custody to Father with visitation for Mother after that. Mother appeals claiming the district court should not have ordered shared custody and should have awarded her primary physical custody.

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2018 WY 50


Sonya Sue Smiley

The State of Wyoming


2018 WY 48


Matthew Harl Majhanovich

The State of Wyoming