WTLA Membership Application/Renewal

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You may also download our Membership Form and mail it with your payment to Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association. Once your application is received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email. At that time, you will be able to set up your login information on WYTLA.org and complete your unique profile.

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Membership Level                                     Join Annual           Quarterly Payments

First Year of Practice.                                              $25yr.
First Year of Practice,
   Former WTLA Student Chapter Member              $0yr.
Second Year.                                                            $73yr.                          $18.25
Third Through Fifth Year                                        $171yr.                        $42.75
Over Five Years                                                        $262yr.                        $65.50
Government Agencies (and Judges)                     $101yr.                        $25.25
Paralegal / Legal Staff                                             $53yr.                          $13.25
Retired                                                                      $75yr.                          $18.75
Advocate Membership
     Includes Annual Convention Registration    $1300yr.                     $325.00
Sustaining Membership                                         $495yr.                       $123.75
     Includes one Free WTLA 1-hr. Webinar
Law Student                                                             $15yr.
Paralegal Student                                                    $15yr.

Membership Level                                    Renewal Annual    Quarterly Payments

Second Year                                                           $105yr.                         $26.25
Third Through Fifth Year                                     $245yr.                         $61.25
Over Five Years                                                     $375yr.                         $93.75
Government Agencies (and Judges)                  $145yr.                         $36.25
Paralegal / Legal Staff                                          $75yr.                           $18.75
Retired                                                                    $75yr.                          $18.75
Advocate Membership 
    Includes Annual Convention Registration     $1300yr.                       $325.00
Sustaining Membership                                      $495yr                          $123.75
    Includes one Free WTLA 1-hr. Webinar
Law Student                                                          $15
Paralegal Student                                                 $15