WTLA Membership Application, Renewal & Benefits

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Membership Level                          Discounted Join Annual    or     Quarterly Payments

First Year of Practice.                                              $25yr.
First Year of Practice,
   Former WTLA Student Chapter Member              $0yr.
Second Year.                                                            $73yr.                          $18.25
Third Through Fifth Year                                        $171yr.                        $42.75
Over Five Years                                                       $262yr.                        $65.50
Government, Judges & Non-Profit                         $101yr.                        $25.25
Paralegal / Legal Staff                                             $53yr.                          $13.25
Retired                                                                      $75yr.                          $18.75
Advocate Membership
     Includes Annual Convention Registration       $1300yr.                     $325.00
Sustaining Membership                                         $495yr.                       $123.75
     Includes one Free WTLA 1-hr. Webinar
Law Student                                                             $15yr.
Paralegal Student                                                    $15yr.

Membership Level                                    Renewal Annual    or   Quarterly Payments

Second Year                                                          $105yr.                         $26.25
Third Through Fifth Year                                     $245yr.                         $61.25
Over Five Years                                                    $375yr.                         $93.75
Government, Judges & Non-Profit                      $145yr.                         $36.25
Paralegal / Legal Staff                                          $75yr.                           $18.75
Retired                                                                    $75yr.                          $18.75
Advocate Membership 
    Includes Annual Convention Registration       $1300yr.                       $325.00
Sustaining Membership                                      $495yr                          $123.75
    Includes one Free WTLA 1-hr. Webinar
Law Student                                                          $15
Paralegal Student                                                 $15

Membership Benefits

E-MAIL LISTSERVE - With one e-mail message you may ask questions of almost four hundred other  lawyers about depositions,  expert witnesses, referrals or any other information that may help you in your practice.

LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION - WTLA has one of the finest legislative teams in the state.   This group of volunteers and paid lobbyists monitors all legislation introduced during the session and committee action during the interim. They serve as the trial bar’s front line in the battle to preserve and improve the role of the justice system in protecting Wyoming citizens.

SUPREME COURT UPDATES - Weekly Updates of Wyoming Supreme Court Opinions.

CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION - The programs presented by WTLA throughout the year are geared to enhance your competence and abilities as trial lawyers to better serve your clients and the public. All programs are certified for CLE Credit and are offered to members at a reduced rate.  WTLA provides teleconferences, webinars, live streaming and video conference programs to suite your needs.  WLTA also holds their Annual Convention in June offering a minimum of 15 credit hours including ethics - join us for this three day program and meet all your credits for the year.

SELF STUDY/ON-DEMAND CLE is now always close to home. A majority of the video conferencing and phone seminars are available on CD or DVD for later use. We now also offer an on-demand option when selecting self-study CLE in our Web store. You can purchase CLE and have access to the syllabus & audio files immediately after the transaction is complete.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY - The WTLA Membership Directory is ONLINE for members’ use and is also available for the public if a member chooses to be included.  Fields of practice are included for FREE in both directories

THE COFFEE-HOUSE - All members receive this bi-annual publication. The Coffee-House provides members with Supreme Court Decisions, verdicts and settlements, current events in the legal profession, legislative reports, and other news important to lawyers.

DEPOSITION BANK - TrialSmith  provides WTLA members with access to the largest internet based defense expert depo exchange in the world. Download the full text of depositions and documents and link to plaintiff's lawyers throughout the country who have the research you need.

VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS - Over twenty years of verdict and settlement information is available to members through the WTLA website. We encourage submission of the “everyday” cases as well as the extraordinary results to provide a basis for negotiation or arbitration.  In addition, a continuing project seeks to compile data from courts around the state to provide complete information to our legislators as well as our members.

AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF COMMITTEE - The Association’s Amicus Curiae Brief Committee is comprised of outstanding lawyers throughout the state of Wyoming. The Committee has appeared before the Supreme Court in cases of importance to the trial bar and the public.

THE PEOPLE’S LAW SCHOOL - The Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association is committed to the service of the people.  One method of providing service is through low cost educational programs such as the People’s Law School, a six-session course covering a variety of legal topics.  Additional programs can serve as one-time presentations for civic organizations or law day programs.